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Independence Day Shayari Hindi Free On 15th August Freedom Day

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independence day Shayari Hindi- Hello friend as we know that its independence day in India and everyone is celebrating this day of India’s freedom then why we should not enjoy this day. So, friends, I am going to share happy independence day 2019 images for you. You can share happy independence day 2019 wishes to your friends, relative or on social media platform for your happiness. I have shared all

independence day 2019 status in Hindi in this post. So get ready for this happy independence day 2019 SMS that I am going to share with you below. Please share a happy independence day 2018 with your friends.

Independence Days Shayari  Hindi For Indian

Independence Day Shayari Hindi 2019

May the flag of our country always fly high Independence Day.
Let’s salute the nation Happy 15 August Day.
15 August is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here.
Na sar jhuka hai kabhi
aur na jhukayenge Kabhi,
jo apne dum pe jiyen sach me zindagi hai wahi.
Feel the freedom, Happy Independence Day
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
29 Major festivals 6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
& 1 Country! Be Proud to be an Indian!..
Happy Independence Day………
Sare jahan se accha Hindostan hamara
Hum bulbulain hai iss ki, yeh gulsitan hamara
Happy Independence Day to All of You.
May this Independence Day Fills your life with lot of happiness and prosperity.

Happy Independence Day India.

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happy independence day 2019 images

It has been 70 years since India was released from the clutches of British rule. Thousands of freedom fighters lost their lives to get the national independence. They fought to protect the integrity and unity of India.
On 15 August, Indians remember those who sacrificed themselves for the nation. People from all walks of life celebrate this day and cherish the feeling of being Independent.

happy independence day shayari in hindi 2019

Let us not get this national holiday wasted and share with our friends and families, your appreciation for those who gloriously fought for the nation’s pride and came out victorious.
Here are few soul-stirring messages that you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.
– It makes my heart beat with pride to see the colors of Independence Day spreading happiness and great joy all around. May the glory of Independence Day Be with you forever.

Our nation is like a tree of which the original trunk is swarajya and the branches are swadeshi and boycott.” — Bal Gandhar Tilak. – Happy Independence Day


On Independence Day

Here’s wising your dreams of a New tomorrow come true…

Now and Always Happy Independence Day to youThousands laid down their lives so that
Our country can celebrate this day
Never forget their sacrifices..
Happy Independence Day!

Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the words,
Pride in our hearts,
Memories in our souls.
Let’s salute the nation.
Happy Independence DayIndependence is a Precious gift of God.

May We Always Remain Independent?
A Very Happy Independence Day to You.


independence day 2019 status in Hindi

संस्कार और संस्कृति की शान मिले ऐसे,
हिन्दू मुस्लिम और हिंदुस्तान मिले ऐसे
हम मिलजुल के रहे ऐसे कि
मंदिर में अल्लाह और मस्जिद में राम मिले जैसे.
चढ़ गये जो हंसकर सूली,
खाई जिन्होने सीने पर गोली,
हम उनको प्रणाम करते हैं!
जो मिट गये देश पर,
हम सब उनको सलाम करते हैं!
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई!
ज़माने भर में मिलते हे आशिक कई ,
मगर वतन से खूबसूरत कोई सनम नहीं होता ,
नोटों में भी लिपट कर, सोने में सिमटकर मरे हे कई ,
मगर तिरंगे से खूबसूरत कोई कफ़न नहीं होता
दे सलामी इस तिरंगे को
जिस से तेरी शान हैं,
सर हमेशा ऊँचा रखना इसका
जब तक दिल में जान हैं..!!
Jai Hindi, Jai Bharat
हम तो किसी दूसरे की धरती पर नज़र भी नहीं डालते… लेकिन इतने नालायक बच्चे भी नहीं की कोई हमारी धरती माँ पर नज़र डाले और हम चुप चाप देखते रहे। जय हिन्द

happy independence day 2019 SMS

आज़ादी की कभी शाम नहीं होने देंगे;
शहीदों की कुर्बानी कभी बेकार नहीं होने देंगे;
बची हो जो एक बूँद भी लहू की तो;
भारत माँ का आँचल कभी नीलाम नहीं होने देंगे।
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई!

नहीं सिर्फ जश्न मनाना, नहीं सिर्फ झंडे लहराना, ये काफी नहीं है वतन पर, यादों को नहीं भुलाना , जो कुर्बान हुए उनके लफ़्ज़ों को आगे बढ़ाना, खुदा के लिए नही ज़िन्दगी वतन के लिए लुटाना।
Happy Independence Day

तहे दिल से मुबारक करते है
चलो आज फिर उन आजादी के लम्हो को याद करते है
कुर्बान हुए थे जो वीर जवान देश की आजादी के लिए
चलो उनके जज्बे और वीरता को आज प्रणाम करते है
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभकामनाएं और बधाई


Patriotic Message, SMS, Quotes, देशभक्ति सन्देश
आओ झुककर सलाम करें उन्हें जिनके हिस्से में ये मुकाम आता है खुशनसीब होता है वो खून जो देश के काम आता है।  जय हिन्द जय भारत। स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभकामनाएं

कुछ नशा तिरंगे की आन का है, कुछ नशा मातृभूमि की शान का है।
हम लहराएंगे हर जगह ये तिरंगा, नशा ये हिंदुस्तान की शान का है।
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई

Independence Day Shayari Hindi 2019 Ghana

On this day putting patriotic display pictures on social sites is not enough for us as an Indian, it’s our duty to not only respect our country but we should also feel proud for the great fighters we had once in a time.
This festival is celebrated with lots of respect not only in the Capital Delhi but also in all the parts of India. There is a public holiday every year’s 15th of August.
So on the occasion of the “Happy Independence Day India”, here we provide you with the collection of the best motivational quotes, pictures, and messages.
These wishes, greeting, quotes, and messages you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other site with your family and friends.
  • Wherever I will go, I am going to carry my country’s flag with me always because I am one of the proud Indians.11. Never ask what can your country do for you, But ask yourself what can you do for your country.
  • For the sake of our Nation, thousands of people faced the worst situations of their lives, we should never forget how much they have suffered for us.
  • Freedom was not easy to get, it could not have been possible without our freedom fighters, So great legacy is not free, it has taken the blood of so many citizens. Let us celebrate it with proud. Happy Independence Day14. Some people prefer that nothing is as precious as a life full of leisure, But I consider that nothing is as precious as having Freedom and Liberty.
  • People are really lucky who died for their nation, these are the people who are still alive in one’s mind, I salute you and your family for giving a gem like you. Happy Independence Day.16. We know how to join hands, even we know how to break hands, that the reason we admire Gandhi Ji and Chandra Shekhar Azad.
  • India is our country, we will never let India face any trouble again, if it needs then we will contribute our lives but we won’t let India get any scratch.
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The friend I hope that you have enjoyed this independence day Shayari Hindi 2019 that I have shared with you. I will be happy if you share this happy independence day 2019 images with your friends. Don’t forget to share your lovely comments below.

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